Custom Enchantments

In addition to vanilla enchantments, our server has over 200 custom enchantments. Some are artifacts, some are spells, and some are curses. This is a list of all encahnts

EnchantmentDescriptionTypeItemsMax. lvl
AbattoirIncreases damage against passive mobsNormalTridents5
AbrasionDamages your opponents armorNormalSwords + Axes2
AerialIncreases arrow damage when you are in airNormalBows + Crossbows3
AimingArrows hone in on your targetSpecialBows5
Anger ArtifactSpawns angry villager particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
AnnihilateExtreme knockbackSpecialSwords + Axes2
AquaticTrident deals additional damage when shot from waterNormalTridents8
ArachnidIncreases damage against spidersNormalTridents5
ArboristGet more sticks, apples, and saplings from leaves.NormalAxes + Shears4
ArcanicChance to ignore potion damageNormalArmor6
AscendLevitates you into the airSpellSwords2
Ash ArtifactCreates basalt deltas particles (1.16+)ArtifactArtifact Items1
AtmosphericIncreases trident damage when you are in airNormalTridents3
BackstabIncreases damage when behind opponentNormalSwords + Axes3
BeheadingChance of getting player or mob headNormalSwords + Axes3
BladedTrident deals extreme additional damageSpecialTridents5
Blast MiningMines blocks in a 3x3 areaNormalPickaxes1
BleedCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedlyNormalSwords7
BlindChance of blinding your opponentNormalBows + Crossbows6
Block BreatherChance to ignore suffocation damageNormalHelmets3
BoltChance of striking powerful lightning on your opponentSpecialSword4
Boss HunterIncreases damage against bossesNormalBows + Crossbows8
BuckshotShoots multiple arrows spread outNormalBows2
ButcheringIncreases damage against passive mobsNormalSwords + Axes5
CarveHeavily damage all entities around attacked entityNormalAxes8
CerebralIncreases damage on headshotsNormalBows + Crossbows8
ChargeLaunches you in the direction you're lookingSpellSwords6
ChoplessReduces damage dealt by axesNormalArmor6
CleaveDamage all entities around attacked entityNormalAxes8
Clouds ArtifactCreates cloud particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
CollateralArrows can go through entitiesNormalBows4
ConcludeChance to instantly kill entities on low healthNormalTridents5
ConfusionChance to shuffle your opponents hotbarSpecialSwords4
Copper ArtifactCreates copper particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
CorrosiveDamages your opponents armorNormalBows + Crossbows2
CranialIncreases damage on headshotsNormalTridents8
Crimson ArtifactCreates crimson forest particles (1.16+)ArtifactArtifact Items1
CriticalsIncreases critical damageNormalSwords + Axes3
CubismIncreases damage dealt against slimes and magma cubesNormalSwords + Axes7
Curse of BreaklessnessChance to prevent block breakingCurseTools1
Curse of CallingAngers all nearby mobsCurseArmor1
Curse of DecayAutomatically damages items when not heldCurseEverything1
Curse of FragilityDecreases item durabilityCurseEverything1
Curse of HarmlessnessChance for attacks to do nothingCurseSwords + Axes1
Curse of HungerIncreases hunger lossCurseHelmets1
Curse of InaccuracyArrows fire incorrectlyCurseBows1
Curse of MisfortuneChance of blocks to not drop itemsCurseTools1
Curse of PermanencePrevents item from being modified in an anvilCurseEverything1
Damage ArtifactCreates damage particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
DefenderPrevents damaging your own petsNormalBows + Crossbows1
DeflectionRebounds some incoming damage back to your attackerNormalShields6
DefusionIncreases damage against creepersNormalSwords + Axes5
DexterousIncreases attack speedNormalSwords + Axes2
DisableChance of giving your opponent extreme mining fatigueNormalAxes3
DisappearGo invisible if damaged on low healthNormalArmor6
DiurnalIncreases damage dealt at daytimeNormalSwords6
DiverseIncreases damage dealt against players holding swordsNormalAxes6
DousingChance to put out fires on hit blockNormalBows + Crossbows8
Dragon ArtifactCreates dragon breath particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
DrillMines blocks behind other blocksNormalTools5
DullnessChance of giving your opponent weaknessNormalSwords3
Dust ArtifactCreates dust particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
DwellerIncreases damage against illagersNormalSwords + Axes3
DynamiteMines blocks in a large areaSpellPickaxes1
EconomicalChance to not consume fireworks while boosting (Requires Paper!)NormalElytra4
ElectroshockChance to strike lightning on your attackerNormalShields3
Emerald ArtifactCreates emerald particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Enchantment ArtifactCreates enchantment particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
End ArtifactCreates end rod particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
End InfusionIncreases damage dealt in the endNormalSwords6
Ender SlayerIncreases damage against end mobsNormalSwords + Axes5
EnderismIncreases damage dealt in the endNormalBows + Crossbows6
EnergizingReceive a short burst of haste after breaking a blockSpecialTools3
EvasionChance to ignore incoming damageNormalArmor3
ExtinguishingChance to remove fire when taking fire damageNormalArmor3
ExtractHeals a portion of damage dealtNormalTridents6
FamineChance of giving your opponent hungerNormalSwords8
FarmhandTill blocks around initial blocksNormalHoes2
FetchingDrops and xp from wolf kills go directly into your inventoryNormalHelmets1
FinalityChance to instantly kill entities on low healthNormalBows5
FinishingChance to instantly kill entities on low healthNormalSwords5
Fire AffinityIncreases damage dealt when on fireNormalSwords7
Fire ArtifactCreates fire particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
First StrikeIncreases damage dealt when entity is on max healthNormalSwords5
FlinchChance to blind your attackerNormalShields6
ForceMassively increases arrow damageSpecialBows4
ForcefieldDamages all nearby monstersNormalArmor2
FreerunnerChance to ignore fall damageNormalBoots6
FrenzyGives strength after killing an entitySpecialSwords3
FrozenChance to give your attacker slownessNormalArmor6
FuryChance of angering nearby monsters towards your opponentNormalSwords7
Glow ArtifactCreates glow particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
GoliathIncreases damage against entities with more health than youNormalSwords8
GracefulChance of getting slow falling just above hitting the groundNormalBoots6
GrapplePulls entities towards youNormalSwords + Axes2
Green ThumbLeft clicking dirt turns it to grassNormalHoes1
GritDamages your opponents weaponNormalArmor3
HarpoonHooking onto an entity will heavily damage itSpecialFishing Rods3
Heart ArtifactCreates heart particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
HellishIncreases damage dealt in the netherNormalTridents6
Honey ArtifactCreates dripping honey particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
HookPulls entities towards youNormalBows2
HordeIncreases damage dealt the more mobs are nearbyNormalSwords4
Ice ShotChance of freezing your opponentNormalBows + Crossbows3
IdentifyChance to give your attacker glowingNormalShields2
IgniteChance to light hit block on fireNormalBows + Crossbows8
Illusion AspectChance to blind and nauseate opponentNormalSwords2
ImpactSmall chance to deal extreme damageNormalTridents3
IncandescenceLight your attacker on fireNormalArmor2
IndestructibilityMassively increases item durabilitySpecialEverything3
Infernal TouchAutomatically smelt mined blocksNormalTools1
InfernoFlaming tridentsNormalTridents1
InfuriateChance to cause nearby mobs to attack your opponentNormalShields7
Ink ArtifactCreates ink particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
InsecticideIncreases damage against spidersNormalBows5
InstabilityExplosive arrowsSpecialBows + Crossbows3
InstantaneousChance of instantly breaking blocksNormalTools7
IntellectMassively increases dropped experienceSpecialTools, Weapons, Ranged3
IntroversionIncreases damage against playersNormalSwords + Axes5
InvigorationIncreases outgoing damage and reduces incoming damage when low on healthNormalArmor3
KineticReduces damage taken when flying into a wallNormalElytra6
LaunchFireworks give a short burst of extreme speedNormalElytra8
Lava ArtifactCreates dripping lava particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
LeechingHeals a portion of damage dealtNormalSwords + Axes6
LesionCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedlyNormalTridents7
LevitateChance of applying levitation to your opponentNormalBows + Crossbows2
Life StealHeals a large portion of damage dealtSpecialSwords + Axes6
Light ArtifactCreates light particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Lime ArtifactCreates lime particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Liquid ShotIncreases damage against fiery mobs and endermenNormalBows + Crossbows5
Lucky CatchChance to double fishing dropsNormalFishing Rods3
LumberjackInstantly cut down entire treesNormalAxes6
Magic ArtifactCreates magic particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Magma ArtifactCreates lava pop particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
MagneticItems and XP go towards youNormalBoots4
MarkingIncreases subsequent damage dealt to opponentNormalBows + Crossbows4
MarksmanRemoves arrow dropNormalBows + Crossbows1
MissileShoots a wither skullSpellSwords1
Music ArtifactCreates note particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Nautilus ArtifactSpawns nautilus particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
NecroticWither skeletons have a higher chance to drop skullsNormalSwords4
Nether ArtifactCreates nether portal particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Nether InfusionIncreases damage dealt in the netherNormalSwords6
NethericIncreases damage dealt in the netherNormalBows + Crossbows6
NocturnalIncreases damage dealt at nightNormalSwords6
OpticsIncreases damage when further from targetNormalBows + Crossbows5
OxygenateGain oxygen when breaking blocks underwaterNormalTools8
PacifyIncreases damage against creepersNormalTridents5
PaladinIncreases damage dealt when riding a horseNormalSwords3
ParalyzeChance to give your attacker mining fatigueNormalShields6
ParasiticHeals a portion of damage dealtNormalRanged6
ParryReduces incoming damage when holding itemNormalSwords4
PentashotShoots 5 arrowsSpecialBows1
PhantasmIncreases damage against undead mobsNormalTridents5
PlasmicIncreases damage dealt against opponents with diamond or netherite armorNormalSwords5
PreservationMassively reduces incoming damageSpecialArmor4
ProsperityMassively increases maximum healthSpecialArmor3
ProtectorPrevents damaging your own petsNormalSwords + Axes1
ProximityIncreases damage when closer to opponentNormalSwords5
PunctureTrident deals additional damage to shelled mobsNormalTridents6
QuadrilateralismIncreases damage dealt against slimes and magma cubesNormalBows + Crossbows7
QuakeDamages all nearby entitiesSpellSwords1
RadianceCauses entities to glow near where arrow landsNormalBows + Crossbows4
RageChance of angering nearby monsters towards your opponentNormalBows5
Rain ArtifactCreates rain particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
RapidIncreases bow pull speedNormalBows6
RazorMassively increases damage dealtSpecialSwords8
ReaperChance to prevent your opponents soulbound from workingNormalSwords + Axes3
ReboundingDeal knockback to entities that attack youNormalArmor2
Redstone ArtifactCreates redstone particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
ReelPulls entities towards youNormalFishing Rods2
ReinforcementReduces incoming damageNormalElytra4
RejuvenationIncreases natural regeneration speedNormalArmor2
RepairingAutomatically repairs items when not heldSpecialEverything3
ReplenishAutomatically replants cropsNormalHoes1
RespiratorReduces dragon breath damageNormalHelmets6
RevenantIncreases damage against undead mobsNormalBows5
SatingReduces hunger lossNormalHelmets6
SerratedTrident deals additional damageNormalTridents5
SettleIncreases damage against creepersNormalBows5
ShockwaveDamages entities that arrows fly nearNormalBows3
Shot AssistDeal more damage with arrows while wearingNormalArmor6
SickeninChance of nauseating your opponentNormaBows + Crossbow2
Skulk ArtifactCreates skulk vibration particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
SlaughterIncreases damage against passive mobsNormalBows5
SlicingDamages entities when flown throughNormalElytra8
Slime ArtifactCreates slime particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Smoke ArtifactCreates smoke particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Snow ArtifactCreates snow particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Soul ArtifactCreates soul particles (1.16+)ArtifactArtifact Items1
Soul Fire ArtifactCreates soul flame particles (1.16+)ArtifactArtifact Items1
SoulboundKeep this item on deathSpecialEverything1
Spark ArtifactCreates spark particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Sparkle ArtifactCreates firework particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
SpearfishingChance of dropping fish when tridenting waterNormalTridents6
SpikedHooking onto an entity will damage itNormalFishing Rods3
SplashDamages entities near where trident lands but does not drop experienceNormalTridents4
Spore ArtifactCreates dripleaf spore particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
SpringIncreases jump height and distanceSpecialBoots3
StabIncreases melee trident damageNormalTridents5
StalwartChance to get resistance for a short time when taking damageNormalArmor3
StaminaDecreases hunger loss while sprintingNormalBoots4
Stone SwitcherBreaking stone can drop as variantsNormalPickaxes6
Stray AspectChance of slowing your opponentNormalSwords6
StreamliningIncreases movement speedSpecialBoots8
SuccessionShoots multiple arrows in a burstNormalBows1
SupercriticalSmall chance to deal extreme damageNormalSwords3
Sweep ArtifactSpawns sweeping attack particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
SycophantHeals a portion of damage blockedNormalShields6
Tear ArtifactCreates crying obsidian particles (1.16+)ArtifactArtifact Items1
TectonicDamages nearby entities when taking fall damageNormalBoots2
TelekinesisDrops and xp go directly into your inventoryNormalTools, Weapons, Ranged1
ThorChance of striking lightning on your opponentNormalSwords6
ThriveIncreases maximum healthNormalArmor2
TornadoKnocks your opponent into the airNormalSwords + Axes2
Totem ArtifactCreates totem particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
ToxicChance to apply poison to your opponentNormalSwords2
TransfuseBreaking stone can drop as random oreNormalPickaxes7
TripleshotShoots 3 arrowsNormalBows1
Vampire AspectChance to apply wither to your opponentNormalSwords2
VeinMine blocks in a veinNormalPickaxes5
VenomChance of withering your opponentNormalBows + Crossbows6
Villager ArtifactSpawns happy villager particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
VitalizePuts you back on max healthSpellSwords1
Void AffinityIncreases damage dealt in the endNormalTridents5
VolatileExplosive sword attacksSpecialSwords2
VoltageIncreases damage dealt against opponents with iron, gold, or chain armorNormalSwords5
Warped ArtifactCreates warped forest particles (1.16+)ArtifactArtifact Items1
Water AffinityIncreases damage dealt when in waterNormalSwords7
Water ArtifactCreates dripping water particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Water AspectIncreases damage dealt against fiery mobs and endermenNormalSwords + Axes2
Wax ArtifactCreates wax particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
WeakeningIncreases subsequent damage dealt to opponentNormalSwords4
WisdomIncreases dropped experienceNormalTools, Weapons, Ranged3
Witch ArtifactCreates witch particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
Wood SwitcherBreaking logs can drop as other logs.NormalAxes6
WoundCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedlyNormalBows + Crossbows7
Zap ArtifactCreates electric particlesArtifactArtifact Items1
ZeusChance to strike lightning on your opponentNormalBows + Crossbows6